Integrative and CBT counselling online and in person, West Oxford

We all experience emotional difficulties in our lives, and generally, at these anxious times, we cope how we’ve always coped. Sometimes, however, this is not enough, and we need a safe, confidential and objective space in which to explore our feelings and issues.

Asking for help can be very difficult. Perhaps you feel embarrassed about it and feel that you should be able to cope without help. Maybe you feel there is something wrong with you and it is hard to imagine things can improve. This is when counselling can help.

Counselling and Covid-19

I provide both remote and face to face therapy. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have had to take my practice online for the time being. I offer Facetime, Skype, Zoom and Telephone therapy.

As restrictions begin to lift, I will follow government guidelines and have re-arranged my office to accommodate two people sitting at 8ft apart. My client chair is next to the door with good ventilation – the arms of the chair will be cleaned after each client. I have also installed a Ring doorbell which means you can ring the bell and I will answer via intercom to ask you to let yourself in and make the way around through the corridor to my office.

http://www.thehelphub.co.uk  I am the founder of the HelpHub, a charity providing free, online emotional support. This service is for those in immediate need, it does not provide counselling or psychotherapy. If you are looking for The Help Hub, may I redirect you to www.thehelphub.co.uk

I’m afraid I do not have the capacity to take calls for the HelpHub through my Private Practice


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